Human Biology

Permission Required:
Biological Science
(REA0017) or ( REA0011)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

A non-laboratory course for students not planning to major in biology. Topics include the chemical and cellular foundations of life, metabolism, genetics, and body systems.

PHSC Course Schedule: Human Biology

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Spring 2018
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
1003 Open 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Mon, Wed 11:00A-12:15 East Campus
On Campus
A-164 Jessica Wilder 3.00
2038 Open 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Wed 7:00P- 9:40 North Campus
On Campus
A-139 Daniyal Laryea 3.00
3368 Full 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Mon, Wed 9:30A-10:45 West Campus
On Campus
M-319 Julie Hendriksen 3.00
3372 Full 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Tue, Thu 11:00A-12:15 West Campus
On Campus
M-329 Susan Dovhey-Phillips 3.00
4009 Open 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Online
Jennifer Wiatrowski 3.00 45.00
4155 Full 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Online
Daniyal Laryea 3.00 45.00
4156 Open 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Online
Daniyal Laryea 3.00 45.00
4157 Full 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Online
Jessica Wilder 3.00 45.00
7094 Full 01/08/2018-04/30/2018 Mon 2:30P- 3:45 Porter Campus
D-421 George Hanak 3.00
This hybrid course blends online and face-to-face delivery. The course meets one day each week. Content is delivered online through myPHSC and on campus at the meeting time listed above. If you have questions about this class, you may email the faculty member.