Art Appreciation

Permission Required:
Art History
(ENC0021 and REA0011) or ( ENC0025 and REA0017)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

A course designed to supply the non-art major with a foundation for understanding the visual arts through introduction to different media of art expression. This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. A grade of 'C' or higher must be attained.

PHSC Course Schedule: Art Appreciation

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Fall 2018
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
1089 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Mon, Wed 11:00A-12:15 East Campus
On Campus
A-168 Lisa Thieryung 3.00
2907 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Mon 7:00P- 8:15 North Campus
B-201 Burt Harres 3.00
4100 Full 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Online
Connie Lamarca Frankel 3.00 45.00
6401 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Tue 2:00P- 4:40 Spring Hill Campus
On Campus
E-201 Julie Lovero 3.00