Principles of Financial Accounting

Permission Required:
Accounting, General
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to accounting concepts and principles followed in preparation of financial external reports. Emphasis is on principles and procedures applicable to the accounting cycle, asset valuation, income determination, liability measurement, and owner's equity.

PHSC Course Schedule: Principles of Financial Accounting

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Fall 2018
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
1083 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Mon, Wed 7:00P- 8:15 East Campus
On Campus
A-166 Joanne Defeo 3.00
1084 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Wed 11:00A-12:15 East Campus
A-205 Fred Whittinghill 3.00
2015 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Tue, Thu 12:30P- 1:45 North Campus
On Campus
A-228 Rafael Sanchez 3.00
3505 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Mon, Wed 9:30A-10:45 West Campus
On Campus
G-103 Marcia Gilbert 3.00
4530 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Online
Misty Price 3.00 45.00
4543 Full 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Online
Rafael Sanchez 3.00 45.00
6510 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Mon, Wed 5:30P- 6:45 Spring Hill Campus
On Campus
E-209 Rafael Sanchez 3.00
7172 Open 08/20/2018-12/07/2018 Tue 11:00A-12:15 Porter Campus
D-418 Fred Whittinghill 3.00
This hybrid course blends online and face-to-face delivery. The course meets one day each week. Content is delivered online through myPHSC and on campus at the meeting time listed above. If you have questions about this class, you may email the faculty member.