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Can I change my QuistaMail address or select a different email account as my primary College account?

No, your assigned QuistaMail address will be the primary account used for official college communications. We encourage all students to update... read more

Do I need to access QuistaMail?

Yes! Are you applying for scholarships, financial aid or trying to download Office 365? Are you a current student at PHSC? The College sends... read more

How can I check to see if my password is currently the default?

If you’re not sure if you have changed your password from the default, you can check by following these steps. Login to WISE and look the... read more

How do I get help with QuistaMail?

Please take a moment to see if the problem you're experiencing is addressed by any of these frequently asked questions:What is QuistaMail?Do I... read more

How do I get started?
Login to WISE to retrieve your username and default password format Go to the password change page to set a secure password(link is external) Set... read more
How will the QuistaMail account be used by students to communicate with the College?

Your QuistaMail account from Google is your official College email address. You are expected to check it regularly for important communications... read more

I have already changed my password, but it still does not work! Now what?

Please allow up to 2 hours for QuistaMail to update your new password. Then, check to ensure that your password meets the following requirements.... read more

I tried to login with my default password and it does not work. What do I do?

Before you can access QuistaMail, you will need to set up your password responses and change the default password. Click here for instructions.... read more

I went to the login page, but I am already signed in to my personal Gmail account. What should I do?

No problem! Follow the directions on this page to add your QuistaMail to your existing Gmail account.

Is the Inbox in myPHSC the same as QuistaMail?

No, QuistaMail and the myPHSC Inbox are not the same. QuistaMail is a traditional email, like any Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email account. The... read more

None of these address my issue. What should I do?

Contact us! Call the Student Help Desk at 727-816-3776 during the College’s normal hours of operation, or email Please... read more

What about access to Google Apps?

PHSC's agreement with Google includes a package of Google Apps that many students will find helpful. These user-friendly tools are among the most... read more

What are the “rules of the road” for email?

See our Email Etiquette page for many helpful tips.

What if I already have a Gmail account?

Students who already subscribe to Gmail services may continue to access their Gmail accounts. Just keep in mind that your College issued... read more

What if I forget my password?

You should have set up several security questions when you set up your QuistaMail account. If so, just visit the Forgotten Password page to reset... read more

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive allows you to centrally store your files in the cloud. See ourGoogle Drive page for more information.

What is my login information?

If you know your login information for myPHSC, you know your login information for QuistaMail – it’s the same! For example, if your myPHSC login... read more

What is QuistaMail?

All current PHSC students have an assigned email address, known as QuistaMail, to receive official College communications, including:

General... read more
What will happen to my account when I am no longer a PHSC student?

One year after you graduate, or your last attendance, your account will be inactivated and you will no longer have access to your QuistaMail or... read more

Where do I go to sign in?

You can login using the student login page, or by visiting

Why is PHSC providing students with assigned QuistaMail addresses?

Effectively communicating news and information to students is of the utmost importance to PHSC. Institution-issued email addresses have proven... read more

Will I be able to access my QuistaMail account on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. See our Mobile Device Setup pagefor more information.

Will I have access to Google Calendar and other Google goodies?

Yes. See our Google Docs or Google Drive pages for more information.