Human Sexuality

Permission Required:
Social Psychology
(PSY1012) or ( SYG2000)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

This course is designed to promote the development of a sound background of factual information about human sexuality that is appropriate for a variety of educational contexts. This course surveys current research, historical, sociological, psychological, cultural, and biological perspectives on the diversity of human sexual experience. This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. A grade of 'C' or higher must be attained.

PHSC Course Schedule: Human Sexuality

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Fall 2019
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
1031 Open 08/19/2019-12/06/2019 Tue, Thu 11:00A-12:15 East Campus
On Campus
A-163 Gary Oesch 3.00
2073 Open 08/19/2019-12/06/2019 Mon, Wed 3:00P- 4:15 North Campus
On Campus
B-209 Jodi Savell 3.00
3192 Open 08/19/2019-12/06/2019 Tue 9:30A-12:10 West Campus
On Campus
G-104 Kathleen Stellmach 3.00
6456 Open 08/19/2019-12/06/2019 Mon, Wed 12:30P- 1:45 Spring Hill Campus
On Campus
D-206 Perry Melton 3.00
7050 Open 08/19/2019-12/06/2019 Mon, Wed 12:30P- 1:45 Porter Campus
On Campus
D-415 Rick Kay 3.00