Introduction to Logic

Permission Required:
(ENC0021 and REA0011)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

This course provides students with instruction in the principles of valid reasoning and critical thinking. Topics include deduction, induction, categorical propositions, categorical syllogisms, informal fallacies, construction and evaluation of arguments, the relationship between logic and language, and the difference between traditional and symbolic logic. Students learn to construct and evaluate arguments effectively, to distinguish between valid and invalid arguments, and to reason with accuracy, clarity, and completeness. This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. A grade of 'C' or higher must be attained.

PHSC Course Schedule: Introduction to Logic

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Spring 2024
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Location Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
2335 Open 01/08/2024-04/29/2024 Tue 2:00P- 3:15 North Campus
Hybrid - Remote
ZOOM Jeremy Scarbrough 3.00
Meets remotely once a week, and the remainder of the class is delivered with online assignments and activities.
4141 Open 01/22/2024-04/05/2024 Online
Jeremy Scarbrough 3.00 45.00