Adult Nursing II

Permission Required:
Nursing Practice & Theory
(NUR2460 and NUR2460L) or ( NUR2403 and NUR2403L)
Corequisite Narrative:
(NUR2820 and ENC1101 and PHI1630) or ( NUR2820 and ENC1101 and PHI1630)
4.50 Credits
4.50 Hours

Course Description:

This course emphasizes the nursing process in assisting more complexly ill adults and their families to meet their basic needs in the various settings. The roles of the nurse as a provider of care, communicator, teacher, manager and member of the profession provide the framework for clinical application and evaluation.

PHSC Course Schedule: Adult Nursing II

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Spring 2018
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
1110 Open 01/08/2018-04/09/2018 Mon, Tue 9:30A-12:20 East Campus
On Campus
A-174 Carla Cozart 4.50 309.00
2115 Open 01/08/2018-04/09/2018 Mon, Thu 9:00A-12:00 North Campus
On Campus
A-232 Patricia Garcia 4.50 309.00
3895 Open 01/08/2018-04/09/2018 Mon, Thu 9:00A-11:50 West Campus
On Campus
M-158 Robbin Rawlins 4.50 309.00
3901 Full 01/08/2018-04/09/2018 Thu 9:00A-12:00 West Campus
On Campus
M-160 Regina Mirabella 4.50 309.00
3901 Full Thu 12:30P- 3:15 West Campus M-160 Regina Mirabella
7768 Open 01/08/2018-04/09/2018 Fri 9:00A-11:30 Porter Campus
On Campus
D-633 Katherine Damstetter 4.50 309.00
7768 Open Fri 12:00P- 3:10 Porter Campus D-633 Katherine Damstetter