Adult Nursing I/ADN Transition

Permission Required:
Nursing Practice and Theory
(HUN2201 and MCB2010 and MCB2010L and PSY1012)
Corequisite Narrative:
(NUR1200L and DEP2004) or ( NUR1200L and DEP2004)
3.00 Credits

Course Description:

This course introduces lab and clinical concepts and skills basic to nursing care for adult clients and their families. The nursing process is introduced and used as an approach to nursing care with emphasis on the basic needs relating to oxygenation, nutrition, elimination, comfort and safety, security, and mobility. The roles of the nurse as a provider of care, communicator, teacher, manager, and member of a profession are introduced for clinical application and evaluation. This course consists of 45 theory hours. Additional campus laboratory hours may be required.

PHSC Course Schedule: Adult Nursing I/ADN Transition

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Spring 2023
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Location Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
7875 Open 01/09/2023-03/03/2023 Mon 9:00A- 2:50 Porter Campus
ZOOM Not yet assigned 3.00 1010.0
This class meets remotely (100%) at the days and times listed in the schedule by utilizing technology (zoom) through myPHSC (canvas). Students will need a webcam and microphone for this class. This class meets remotely on the days and times listed in the schedule providing the benefits of face-to-face classes in a live, remote environment by utilizing technology (zoom) through canvas. Students need a webcam and microphone for this class.