Introduction to Geology

Permission Required:
(REA0017) or ( REA0011)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

This course is a survey course designed for the non-science student. It provides an introduction to the study of the physical, chemical and geological processes that produce earth materials and landforms. Topics include: Earth materials, their formation and distribution; landforms and the processes that create and alter them; fossils and time; and the theory of the plate tectonics.

PHSC Course Schedule: Introduction to Geology

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Spring 2019
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
2708 Open 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Tue, Thu 5:30P- 6:45 North Campus
On Campus
A-156 Kyle Champion 3.00
3380 Open 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Tue, Thu 11:00A-12:15 West Campus
On Campus
M-330 Jacqueline Sampson 3.00
4002 Open 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Online
Tom Carmichael 3.00 45.00
4400 Full 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Online
Tom Carmichael 3.00 45.00
6355 Full 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Tue, Thu 12:30P- 1:45 Spring Hill Campus
On Campus
E-108 Guy McCann 3.00
7121 Open 01/07/2019-04/29/2019 Wed 7:00P- 9:40 Porter Campus
On Campus
D-419 John O'Brien 3.00