Introduction to Computer Forensics

Permission Required:
Computer Engineering Tech
(CTS1110 and CNT1000)
3.00 Credits
3.00 Hours

Course Description:

Introduction to computer forensics reflects the need for conducting professional computing investigations. Students will explore general computer investigations, security issues with operating systems, setup and maintenance of a computer forensics lab, use of computer forensics tools, digital evidence controls, data acquisition and analysis, email investigations and the preparation of investigation reports. Lab fee required.

PHSC Course Schedule: Introduction to Computer Forensics

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Fall 2022
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Location Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
3686 Open 08/15/2022-12/02/2022 Wed 2:00P- 4:40 West Campus
On Campus
D-214 Sandra Wohlers 3.00 25.00
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