Do I have to be a high school graduate or have completed my GED to attend PHSC?

Applicants who have graduated from high school and received a standard diploma (or its equivalent) or who have successfully completed the General... read more

How do I become a PHSC student?

Please visit the How to Apply page for more information.

How do I change my personal information once I am admitted?

It is very important to keep your personal information current. If you change your name, visit he Admissions and Student Records office at the... read more

How do I prove that I am a high school graduate?

You must submit the final official transcript from the high school.

Testing rules for email validation

Testing rules for email validation

Will PHSC accept a copy of my diploma and/or report card grades?

No. Only an official transcript is acceptable, and it must come electronically or in a sealed envelope from the high school from which you... read more

Application information

How and where can I pay the application fee?

The application fee must be paid the same day the application is submitted. Payment may be made by major credit card (Discover, Visa, MasterCard,... read more

How much does it cost to apply?

Please see our fees and expenses page for the current, non-refundable application fee.

What documents do I need to apply?

You need:

Proof of high school graduation, or GED equivalency if you are applying to a college credit program. Proof of Florida residency if... read more
What if I attended PHSC before?

You will need to complete an application for readmission if you attended more than one year ago. This form may be completed via WISE. There is no... read more

What if I forget my application fee?

Applications received without the application fee will be deleted from the system and you will need to reapply and pay theapplication fee the same... read more

What if my application is incomplete?

Incomplete web admission applications are not processed. They are deleted from the system.

What information is needed to complete the application?

The application asks for personal information, educational background, and proof of residency if you are a Florida resident.

When is my application due?

PHSC has no application deadlines; however, students requesting financial aid and/or scholarships are encouraged to apply early and to pay close... read more

Where do I begin?

First, complete an application for admission to PHSC. You may apply online via WISE.

Where do I submit my completed application for review?

Applications should be submitted online via WISE.


Am I limited to how many guests that I can invite?

No, not at the present time. (However, please consider that bringing more than 4 guests could result in someone in your party being seated in the... read more

Are there seats reserved for individuals with disabilities?

PHSC’s Disability Services Office attempts to accommodate all individuals living with a disability. Arrangements can be made to meet specific... read more

Are tickets a requirement for the commencement ceremony?

No tickets are required. Seating is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I decorate my cap?

Students are able to decorate their caps; however it must be tasteful and appropriate.

How early can my guests arrive for seating?

The doors to the gymnasium will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.

How long does it take to receive my diploma?

Your diploma will be mailed to you approximately six weeks after the commencement ceremony.

How long will it take for me to find out if my grad app has been processed?

The process typically takes place in 4 to 6 weeks.

How much does it cost to apply?

There is a one-time $15 graduation application fee per program. A separate application must be submitted for each program you are completing. The... read more

Is there anything that I should bring with me to commencement?

Students should not bring anything they are unable to keep on them at all times. PHSC is not responsible for monitoring personal items (i.e.:... read more

What if I do not complete my program requirements in the term? Can I still participate in the ceremony? Do I then have to reapply?

Students are able to participate in the ceremony they applied for, however if a student is not graduating during the term they applied for, they... read more

What if I don’t know my catalog year?

Students have the option to choose a PHSC academic catalog year. Students may select the current year’s catalog or the catalog from either of the... read more

What if the system will not allow me to pay with my credit card?

Please verify all the information you entered is correct (card #, expiration date, and CVV). If all of the information is correct and your card... read more

What is the order of ceremony?

Students process into the gymnasium, followed by faculty, staff and college administration/platform guests. The audience is asked to stand for the... read more

What should I wear to my commencement ceremony?

Graduates and guests should dress appropriately for this time-honored tradition. Jeans, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, flip-flops and sneakers... read more

Where can I apply?

The graduation application available on WISE, must be submitted during the term in which your degree or certificate requirements are expected to... read more

Who can I call if I have questions?

You may call the Information Center 1-855-669-7472, or the Admissions and Student Records Office at 727-816-3371.

Who should I contact if there is an issue with the online grad app?

Please contact the Admissions and Student Records Office at 727-816-3371.

Will there be a professional photographer at commencement?

Yes, GradImages will be photographing all graduates at the graduation ceremony. You may visit their website at:, and click on Pre-... read more


What if I have forgotten my PIN?

Contact the Information Center at 727-847-2727, 352-796-6726, 352-567-6701, 352-688-8798, or 813-527-6615.

What is FloridaShines?

FloridaShines is a website  where a student can review a college’s program requirements, retrieve current grades, review unofficial transcripts,... read more

What is my PIN?

If you applied online for admission, use the PIN you created when you completed your application. If this is your first time using WISE, use your... read more


Can I claim Florida residency as an independent student if I am under 24 years old?

Yes, but you must submit one of the following documents:

Proof of marriage (marriage certificate) Proof of being a veteran of U.S. Armed... read more
How do I know if I am considered independent or dependent for residency purposes?

Please view the Independent/Dependent Status for Residency for Tuition Purposes document for more information.

How do I prove Florida residency?

You must provide two of the following three documents issued one year prior to the first day of the semester:

Florida driver’s license or... read more
If I am a dependent of parents who live out-of-state, may I claim Florida residency?

No. A student who depends on out-of-state parents for support is presumed to be a legal resident of the same state as his or her parents.

If I pay out-of-state tuition my first semester, will I always pay that rate?

Not necessarily. If you can show appropriate proof of residency for 12 consecutive months at some time during your enrollment at PHSC, you must... read more

May I use my parent’s information to prove Florida residency?

Yes, if you are dependent of your parents or legal guardian.

May I use my spouse’s information to prove Florida residency?

Yes. Please contact the Admissions and Student Records officefor details.

What are the requirements to be considered a Florida resident?

A Florida “resident for tuition purposes” is a person who has, or is a dependent person whose parent or legal guardian has, established and... read more

What date is critical?

The original date of issue is needed for your voter registration card, Florida driver’s license, and/or Florida vehicle registration, not the date... read more

What do I do with these documents?

Fill in the appropriate information in the correct place on your application, including voter registration, driver’s license, and/or vehicle... read more

What documents will verify a change of status for reclassification in Florida residency?

You need to provide three documents. Please view the Documentary Evidence for Residency for Tuition Purposesdocument for a listing of approved... read more

Where do I obtain a residency classification form?

This form is available at the Admissions and Student Records office at the West Campus in New Port Richey, the Academic Advising office at any of... read more

Why is it important that I want to prove my Florida residency?

Florida charges a lower tuition for its residents; thus, it saves you money.

Will I need documents to prove my change in residency from out-of-state to Florida?

Yes. You will need to bring documents to verify your change of status.

Returning students

If I skipped registering for courses for one or more semesters, what do I need to do?

If you have been out of school for one full year or more, you will need to complete an application for readmission. If you have been gone for less... read more

May I ever return to PHSC if I have been academically dismissed?

Yes; however, some students may be required to submit a letter of appeal. Contact the Academic Advising office for assistance with this process.... read more

What if I have previously withdrawn from PHSC?

A student who withdraws from PHSC in good standing is permitted to reenter the institution at the beginning of any subsequent semester.


Do I need a high school transcript for a technical program?

A high school transcript or proof of GED is required for some technical programs. You may contact the Admissions and Student Records office at the... read more

How do I request an official high school, college or technical transcript from an institution other than PHSC?

If you attended a Florida public institution, you may complete and submit an electronic transcript request form, available at the Admissions and... read more

How do I submit a transcript?

Have high school/GED and every college or technical school you have attended send an official transcript to the West Campus (New Port Richey) ... read more

If I earn a GED, how do I request an official transcript?

If you earned your GED in Florida prior to January 1, 2014, you can request your transcripts via GED Testing Service using theironline credential... read more

Is there a limit on the number of transcripts I can request?

No, but you must make a separate request for transcripts being sent to different locations.

May I register if my official transcript has not arrived?

PHSC allows one semester for the arrival of transcripts. After that, missing transcripts will result in the student being restricted from... read more

Must my transcripts be on file with PHSC before financial aid can be awarded?

Yes, all high school or GED transcripts and any college transcripts must be on file with PHSC before financial aid is awarded.

What if I need an official transcript of my courses at PHSC?

Students may order electronic or hard copy transcripts online using their WISE account. Hard copy transcripts will be printed and mailed within 24... read more

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is one that is received by PHSC electronically or in a sealed envelope that has the seal of the sending institution. If the... read more

Transfer students

If I am a transfer student seeking a degree, what do I do?

Please visit the How To Apply page for more information.

If I am a transfer student who has NOT successfully completed a college-level English or mathematics course, what will I need?

You will need placement scores that are less than two years old from the ACT, SAT, PERT or CPT to register for classes in these areas.

If I am a transfer student, must I take entrance (placement) tests?

If you are transferring to PHSC from another college, you must have scores that are less than two years old on the ACT, SAT, PERT, or CPT. Some... read more

Will my courses transfer in to PHSC?

All lower division college level credit (1000/2000) courses from a regionally accredited institution with passing grades will transfer into Pasco-... read more

Transient students

Do I need a transient form from my home college?

Yes, you must submit the the original transient form from your current college or university to register at PHSC. Alternately, Florida public... read more

Is testing required for transient students taking classes at PHSC?

No placement test is required, but transient students must submit the appropriate transient student registration form from their home college.... read more

What is a transient student?

A transient student is someone seeking a degree from another institution that needs to attend PHSC for a certain course(s) during a certain time... read more

When can a transient student register?

Transient students may register during general or late registration– refer to the current term schedule.