Gerontological Nursing

Permission Required:
Practical Nursing (Technical Credit)
(PRN0002 and PRN0002L and PRN0030)
Corequisite Narrative:
2.00 Credits
4.00 Hours

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide the practical nursing student with theoretical concepts specific to the care for older adults in long-term care. Cultural diversity, legal/ethical considerations and the communication process are examined to provide holistic care to aging clients.

PHSC Course Schedule: Gerontological Nursing

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Summer 2019
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Campus Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
2631 Open 06/18/2019-07/16/2019 Mon, Thu 8:00A-12:00 North Campus
On Campus
A-213 Audrey Grobe 2.00
2631 Open Mon, Thu 12:30P- 5:05 North Campus A-213 Audrey Grobe
3838 Open 05/06/2019-06/03/2019 Mon, Tue 8:00A-12:00 West Campus
On Campus
M-204 Kelly Potts 2.00
3838 Open Mon, Tue 12:30P- 4:00 West Campus M-204 Kelly Potts
7572 Open 05/06/2019-06/03/2019 Wed, Thu 1:30P- 5:00 Porter Campus
On Campus
D-633 Dallona Guincho 2.00
7572 Open Wed, Thu 5:30P- 9:30 Porter Campus D-633 Dallona Guincho
8764 Open 06/18/2019-07/16/2019 Tue, Thu 1:30P- 6:00 West Campus
On Campus
M-204 Charlene Carcaro 2.00
8764 Open Tue, Thu 6:30P- 9:30 West Campus M-204 Charlene Carcaro