Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Permission Required:
Nursing Practice and Theory
(NUR3655 and NUR3895 and PHI1630) or ( NUR3119 and NUR3065C and NUR3104 and NUR3895 and PHI1630)
4.00 Credits

Course Description:

This course examines legal and ethical concepts as they apply to professional nursing practice. Standards of care and the Nurse Practice Act serve as the framework for discussion. Analysis of case issues will serve as the forum for legal and ethical decision making processes.

PHSC Course Schedule: Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Fall 2019
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5612 Open 08/19/2019-10/11/2019 Online
Karen Lotz 60.00
5613 Full 08/19/2019-10/11/2019 Online
Not yet assigned 60.00