Internship in Business

Permission Required:
Management: Applied
(ACG2021 and CGS1100 and GEB1011 and MNA1100)
3.00 Credits

Course Description:

This course provides a planned work-based experience that will provide students with an opportunity to enhance workplace skills through a supervised practical experience related to their career objective. An internship agreement will be developed which includes academic supervision and work assignments. A minimum of 90 worksite hours are required in this course. Regular meetings are held with the instructor/workplace learning coordinator. Student performance in this course is graded as 'Pass/Fail.' Must be taken in the last semester of your degree program.

PHSC Course Schedule: Internship in Business

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Summer 2024
Section Availability Dates Days Meeting Time Location Delivery Bldg/Room Instructor Credit Hours Clock Hours Fees Comments
4530 Open 05/06/2024-07/11/2024 Online
Jim Myers 3.00 45.00
Available through Canvas any time throughout the semester offering a high level of flexibility.