Motors and Controls

Permission Required:
Engineering Technology: Specialty
Corequisite Narrative:
3.00 Credits

Course Description:

This course covers vital knowledge related to mechanical drives training, such as motor mounting, key fasteners, power transmission systems, V-belt drives, chain drives, spur gear drives, and multiple shaft drives. Learners will study specific objectives like: methods of measuring motor shaft speed, how to calculate rotary mechanical power, the operation of a flexible jaw coupling, methods of adjusting belt tension, allowable chain sag for various applications, the function of backlash, and the alignment procedure of a sleeve coupling. Lab fee required. 45 class hours. Electric Motor Control - Electric motor control teaches electric relay control of AC electric motors found in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Learners gain understanding of the operation, installation, design, and troubleshooting of AC electric motor control circuits for many common applications. Develops skills in interpreting schematics, system design, motor start / stop circuits, motor sequence control, reversing motor control, and motor jogging. Safety is emphasized throughout, highlighting motor safety, lockout/ tagout and safety interlocks.

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